Registration information

General entry for the 2018 Firefighter Sky Tower Stair Challenge will open on Thursday 2 November 2017. If you miss out on a place you can still gain entry by ballot. Please see below for the terms & conditions.

General registration information

Please have a read over the important points below to ensure your registration goes as smoothly as possible.

  • The $60 registration fee for this event must be paid online at the time of registering and can only be paid by credit or debit card – no cash, cheques or bank deposit. Please note the registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • If you have participated since 2014, the website will recognise your details however you will still need to register again. If you don’t remember your password or username click here for help reactivating your account. We recommend you do this before registration day to ensure you can register as quickly as possible. Reactivating your account does not mean you are registered.
  • Registration must be completed on a desktop computer. Please note iPhones, iPads & other mobile devices will not allow you to complete registration successfully and you could miss out on a place.
  • Remember to have a clear head and shoulders photo ready to upload when you register. Photos where you are in a group, your face is obstructed, or you are wearing sunglasses a hat or a helmet will not be accepted. Please have the image file named as follows:


  • If you are bringing your own BA set and the “I have my own BA set”  allocation is full, you may choose the option of “I need to borrow a BA Set”. Simply complete your registration and then email us following completion of the registration process to let us know you will have your own BA Set.
  • For those of you participating as part of a brigade or team, we suggest the first person to register chooses the option ‘register as a team’. This will set up the brigade/team’s fundraising page. As others from your brigade register they will be able to register as part of the team.
  • Please use the name of your brigade as your team name.
  • The participant who sets up the brigade’s team page will be the team captain and administrator. This person will be registered in the event. There is no function to add a team administrator who is not part of the event themselves.
  • You are only able to register one participant at a time: there is no function to register multiple participants in one go. Due to the speed in which the event fills up, we recommend brigades and teams with multiple members wanting to participate have multiple people registering team members at the same time. If you are registering on behalf of someone else please ensure you have the below information to complete their registration.

– Valid contact details (address, phone number, email, emergency contact)

– Correct date of birth

– Event registration details ie. BA set & category

– A credit or debit card to pay their registration fee

– Without these details, their registration cannot be viewed as complete