This event is open only to firefighters who have full approved structural firefighting turnout gear. All firefighters must be donned, or donned and started for this event. See below for full Equipment requirements.


The Firefighters Sky Tower Stair Challenge runs in the following categories:

Donned, Male / Donned, Female (donned category based on gender, not age)

Donned and Started (based on age, not gender - see age categories below)

- 17-39 (Open)
- 40-49 (Masters)
- 50 -59 (Grand Masters)
- 60+ (Supreme Masters)

Firefighter Team – not based on age or gender, a team must have 3 or more members donned and started. Those who qualify for the Firefighter Team category will also be eligible for the individual donned and started category. All team members must enter in the individual event to be eligible for the team event.

There is no limit to a teams size, only the first three home from each team times are added to give the placing.


The event is open to firefighters only. To be eligible to compete in the Firefighter Sky Tower Stair Challenge competitors must be currently employed in the active role of a firefighter.

Firefighters may be employed in the New Zealand Fire Service, Airport Rescue Fire Brigades, Industrial Brigades, and Rural Fire.

Minimum age for participation is 17 years old

Competitors from overseas must be currently employed in a recognised brigade in the role of firefighter, and on request be able to supply proof of employment as such.

Volunteer firefighters are also eligible to compete provided that they are active in the role of a firefighter at the time of the event.

Firefighters must be fully fit to compete, they must not be absent from work or full firefighting duties, proof of medical fitness to compete may be required by the organisers.

Other support Fire Service roles may apply to the organisers for consideration to compete however this will be solely at the discretion of the organisers and subject to space.

Squad 2017 is an exception to these rules and will be at the organisers invitation only and limited to competitors of the organisers choice


In the 'Firefighter Individual and Team', competitors are required to bring and compete in the following equipment. This equipment will NOT be provided for the competitor:

- Nationally certified, Structural Firefighting entry helmet
- Nationally certified, Structural Firefighting turnout coat
- Nationally certified, Structural Firefighting turnout pants
- Nationally certified, Structural Firefighting gloves
- Nationally certified, Structural Firefighting entry boots

Note: Nomex Hoods will NOT be required for competition.

Turnout coat and pants must meet New Zealand National Standards or NFPA 1971 standards on protective ensemble for structural firefighting.

Competitors in the Firefighter (Full Gear) events will be required to wear and use an approved NZ Fire Service or National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) compliant Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and mask. In some cases the event organiser shall provide this equipment for the competitors.

All competitors will be expected to complete the total ascent on one bottle of air filled to the Manufacture’s specifications. Any Competitor removing the mask or failing to complete the course while using the SCBA will be dropped into the Donned Category.

NOTE: Firefighters are able to make a cylinder change if they supply a spare cylinder for the change. This must be well marked with the Brigades name.

Competitors will be given a usage briefing prior to their ascent on the specific SCBA they will be using.

The event team shall inspect the gear at the staging area prior to the competition and the start area for compliance. They has the authority to disallow any equipment that is not compliant. Competitors not able to secure approved equipment will be removed from the event.


There will be a minimum of two (2) EMT personnel per 100 runners.

EMT personnel have the authority to remove any participant from the event should there be a perceived medical risk to that participant.


Fundraising medals are awarded to first through third place in each category:

- Class 1: 2 - 5 Team members
- Class 2: 6 - 9 team members
- Class 3: 10+ Team members
- Individual Fundraiser within in team
- Individual Fundraiser

Race medals are awarded to first through third place in each category:

- Donned - Only places 1st-3rd in either male and female
- Donned and Started
- 17-39 (Open)
- 40-49 (Masters)
- 50 -59 (Grand Masters)
- 60+ (Supreme Masters)
- Team event – Fastest three to finish donned and started for the same team

Please note: While there is no limit to a teams size, only the first three home from each team times are added to give the placing.


The winner is the competitor with the fastest time from the starting line to the finish line.

The competitor’s individual ascent time will be used to score the team event. Competitors can place in both the individual and team event.

In the team events the team time is the aggregate of the 3 team members individual event times for the same station or district.


The Team Captain will pick up the bag with all timing chips and race numbers inside, they will confirm at this point that the contents are correct.

Competitors in the Firefighter Sky Tower Stair Challenge must check in one hour prior to the start of the event.

General race rules & behaviour

All competitors shall have their number attached to their running/firefighting gear during the competition.

Competitors are responsible for being at the start area 25 minutes prior to their designated start time.

Upon passing through the start gate, competitors may ascend the stairs taking as many steps at a time as they choose.

Slower competitors will allow the right of way in passing to any competitor who has approached them on the way up.

Competitors may stop, if needed, but only on landings.

Course workers will help any competitor who asks for, or is in obvious need of, their assistance to gain medical attention. Doing so will disqualify the competitor and he/she will be guided via elevator to the ground floor medical tent for further attention.